What is eCOGRA?

The e-Commerce and Online Gambling Regulation Assurance (eCOGRA) organisation is a UK based independent entity that is now well-known within the online gambling industry and they have become famous for their seal of approval.

They are basically an auditor and testing agency of online gambling portals and other sites that are linked to the online gambling industry. Their number one mission is to ensure that players receive fair gambling services from the gambling sites and their seal offers players a guarantee that a site has been tried and tested by them.

This company has been operating now for approximately 10 years now and although casinos are not obliged to be tested by eCOGRA, many operators now choose to do so because it means that players will have faith when seeing the eCOGRA logo at the bottom of the online casino homepage. They test each area of the website and search for fairness, player security and honesty.

Players will never land on a rogue gambling site that has been approved by eCOGRA. The only way this could happen is if they (the ruthless casino operator) have pinched it from the internet somewhere and they are displaying it when they shouldn’t be. You can visit the main eCOGRA website to see a list of trusted portals that they have managed to give the all-clear to.

Even if you cannot find your casino on their list of safe sites, it doesn’t mean that they are not safe. Many organisations are actually currently in the process of being scrutinised and tested by them. It’s not always just online casinos that can receive the eCOGRA seal of approval either. Other sites such as online gambling information portals, e-payment solution sites, review sites and various other sites are rigorously tested from time to time by them.

To date, approximately 200 individual sites now have the eCOGRA Safe and Fair approval and this is an excellent piece of mind for players to know that the site they have signed up to has been tested by such as reputable, thorough and trustworthy organisation.