Video Poker - Learn About the Game Video Poker

Video Poker is a popular video card game that is now available at most online casinos. There are now several different varieties for players to choose from, with most of them being based on five card draw poker. Players can access most video pokers in the instant flash mode or in the secure download mode.

The standard poker wins are important to learn in this game. A high card is the only win that is not allowed in video poker. The lowest win usually starts from a pair. You will be dealt five cards which will all appear face up and based on how good you think this hand is, you can then keep hold of certain cards and discard the rest so that new ones will replace them. This process can only be done once.

If you discard for example four cards, you had better hope that the new four cards combine with the one you held in place to generate a poker win. After a single pair, the other wins are as follows: three of a kind, a straight, a flush, a full house, four of a kind, a straight flush and a royal flush is the highest hand.

As soon as you launch the game, you will be required to set your stake and then just hit deal. For the more adventurous players, many casinos now offer multihand Video Pokers, which allow you to play as many as 100 hands per game.

Most hands last for just a few seconds and if you receive a winning hand, you balance will be instantly credited so that you can move on to the next hand and start a new game. If you learn the different wins and know when to hold certain cards and when to discard them, your game will dramatically improve.