Scratch Cards - Learn About Scratch Card Games

Scratch Cards are really easy to play online, plus they don’t make any mess compared to the real life ones. The rules are fairly straight forward. All you have to do is choose the value of the card you would like to purchase, hit select and then the system will scratch the panel off for you.

The idea is normally to receive three matching symbols in a row and you will win a prize. Depending on the value of the scratch card will determine what prizes are actually available on the scratchie that you have purchased. Most online scratch cards start from $1.00 and range up to $100. One game can last just seconds, which is why they are usually found in the Instant Win section of an online casino.

These fun little games can be very addictive, so try to limit how much you spend on them. Players are not usually required to install any software in order to play a scratch card online, but if the casino is a downloadable casino only then you will have to install the casino download client.

There are now literally hundreds of different online scratch cards available at various different gambling portals and many sites now allow players to sample them in the free play mode, without having to spend real cash on them. Scratchies are only really worth playing in the real cash mode to get any proper entertainment out of them.

There are no real tips or advice for scratch cards because there is absolutely no skill involved. Winning on a scratch card is pure luck each time so trying to apply some kind of technique to try and give your more of an edge is quite simply not possible. You just have to hope that it’s your lucky day.