Problem Gambling Help

The only real dark side to gambling online from home is that some people let it consume their life and takeover. This is where gambling problems evolve and without the proper help, gambling can become a serious problem. There are certain major organisations such as gambleaware that can help you with your problem and offer you the help and support that you (or a friend) needs.

Before contacting a support organisation, you need to assess your own situation. Consider how much time you are spending gambling, whether it’s online or in the real world and ask yourself whether you could do without visiting that site as often as you do. Perhaps you don’t spend much time in an online casino, but as soon as you receive money you feel the overwhelming urge to go and have a flutter and spend it within minutes.

If you are spending ridiculous amounts of money and leaving yourself with nothing on more than the odd occasion, then you are certainly developing some kind of gambling problem and you must consider seeking help. It’s not easy admitting that you have a problem and it’s so much easier to hide from people when you are gambling from the comfort of your home. So if you want help, you have to start by helping yourself.

Try to set weekly or even monthly spending limits. Set yourself a target of what you can afford to spend and if you go over this, stop spending. This is much easier said than done of course. If you happen to win, you can withdraw a large percentage but leave some funds in your gambling account for another time. Now you can go and buy some shopping and pay the bills before you lose all your cash to gambling.

The only real gambling winners are those who just gamble occasionally for fun or those who are extremely lucky. You must always try to remember the famous saying that the house always wins, because they do. Admitting that you have a problem is just the beginning, but it is an important step on the road to recovery, like any other addiction. If you really can’t see a way out, don’t despair. There are plenty of people out there that are willing to help you.