Keno - Learn About the Game Keno

Keno is classed as a lottery game and is very easy to learn. Most online casinos that have keno allow players to launch the game in the practice demo mode or in the real cash mode. There are several different versions of this popular game, but the general rules remain the same with all of them. The idea is for you to pick up to 15 numbers and then 20 numbers will be randomly drawn from a virtual machine.

Depending on how many of the numbers that are drawn match the numbers that you paid for will determine the size of your prize. The coin range per game can start from $0.20 and up to as much as $100.00 per game. You can choose normally anywhere from 3 to 15 numbers and you can even hit auto select, which means that the system will choose the numbers for you, kind of like a lucky dip.

The draw will last for approximately 10 seconds, but the gameplay can be speeded up if you prefer to have the results straight away. The grid where the numbers are drawn usually contains either 90 or 100 separate numbers. If you choose for example 5 numbers and all 5 numbers are drawn, your prize should be quite decent.

If you choose 15 numbers and all 15 numbers are drawn, you will be looking at a huge prize which will be instantly added to your balance. If you choose 15 numbers but only one is drawn, you probably won’t receive anything.

This game isn’t played against any opponents. You just have to hope that the numbers you select are all drawn. In relation to what you can afford, set your stake and then you can start your first game. The rest is simple and you should get the hang of the keno after just one or two attempts.