Baccarat - Learn About Baccarat the Card Game

Baccarat is one of the easiest casino card games to learn the rules to. Like Blackjack, you only play against the house, not against other players. In this game, the object is to reach as close to 9 as possible with the cards that you are dealt. Most games last just a few seconds.

Before you launch the game online, you will be able to set your table limits and then adjust your stake before taking your first hand. Once you have been dealt two cards, you then have to add them up. The number cards are all worth their face value, but the 10’s, J’s, Q’s and K’s do not have a value. An ace is worth 1 point on this game.

Whatever you are dealt, you must consider whether it is worth taking another card in order to try and reach closer to 9. The next move will become obvious as soon as you see your hand. The best hand that you could hope for to begin with would be for example a 9 and a 10, because your total would be 9 points. This is called a natural 9. Only if the dealer manages to have the same hand as you will the game be tied and your stake will be returned so that you can start another hand.

You can now visit almost every online casino today and you will be able to find one or more versions of baccarat. You will also have the choice of being able to play this game for free in the demo mode, or you can jump straight into the real cash mode and start playing for real.

Baccarat is also now available in the instant Flash mode as well as a downloadable version and some sites even offer progressive baccarat.

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